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On November 16-20, 2020, the Food for All Coalition hosted a free virtual summit to gather together for a week of roundtable discussions, skill building workshops and brainstorming sessions aimed at food access and the social injustices faced in West Virginia and beyond.

Beginning to End Hunger: Policy, Institutions, and Democracy in the Food System

The laws, regulations, and institutions that shape food access and nutrition policy are complex yet remain open to both progressive reform and radical transformation. In this keynote session, two scholar-activists at the forefront of the global movement for food sovereignty engage with the West Virginia Food for All Coalition to discuss representative democracy in the food system and the critical role that social movements and policymakers and advocates can play in reshaping the social contract between food producers and consumers to advance the right to food.

Led by Josh Lohnes with Dr. Jahi Chappel and Dr. Garrett Grady-Loveless.

Race and Food Access Roundtable

Communities of color are disproportionately affected by food insecurity and face barriers tofood access rooted in histories of racial injustice. This roundtable discussion will focus on the intersection between policy, race, and food access. We will reflect on the racist roots of work requirements tied to public assistance programs and center the voices of community leaders working to advance social justice and racial equity across West Virginia.

Led by Josh Lohnes with Dr. Shanequa Smith, Delegate Danielle Walker, and Dr. Elisa Minoff

How to Get the Most out of Meetings with Your Lawmakers

Join House Hunger Caucus founding member Delegate Chad Lovejoy for an informative session on what makes for a good meeting with your members of the State Legislature. Topics will include what makes for a productive meeting, how to get time during the pandemic and an interactive Q & A session with attendees.

Led by Seth Distefano with Delegate Sammi Brown, Delegate Mark Dean, and Delegate Chad Lovejoy.

Building Relationships to get the Champion's Ring

Have you ever needed a champion for your cause - food security, installation of a stop sign, funding for a project? whatever your cause, when it comes to making policy change, every issue has a champion and many times those champions rise up out of a relationship. Join a local city mayor, city councilmember, a state delegate, and state senator for a panel discussion about what it takes to make relationships with elected officials.

Led by Spencer Moss with Councilmember Rosemary Ketchum, Delegate Amanda Estep Burton, and Senator J.R. Pitsenbarger

Skills Building Workshop: Strategies for Successful Social Media Advocacy

This session will be centered on strategies on how to set your social media advocacy efforts up for success and will begin with a brief presentation by Carling McManus of 84 Agency, a Charleston-based communication and consulting firm, to discuss strategies for crafting language that will resonate with constituents and policymakers. Carling's expertise will be paired with that of Hannah Sawyer, the State Communications Manager of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' Safety Net Initiative, who will present strategies and tools we can use to release our carefully crafted language on social media in ways that will land effectively and move our audiences to action.

Led by Renee Alves with Carling McManus and Hannah Sawyer.

Working with Government Agencies to Affect Change in Policies and Programs

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a government agency to change the way they do something? Did you know that the employees at government agencies want programs and policies to work for the people that they serve? Join this interactive panel with guests from the WV Department of Agriculture, Education, and Health and Human Resources as they explore instances of working with organizations and communities to affect change. 

Led by Kristin McCartney with Jackie Hoppee, Amanda Harrison, and Norm Bailey.

Policy Advocacy How To

How can we be as effective as possible getting good policy passed and also stopping bad policy? It doesn't have to be guess-work: When the problem, politics, and policy streams align, a window of opportunity opens!

Led by Liz Brunello, Rick Wilson, and Lida Shepherd.

No Hungry Child Left Behind

The COVID-19 pandemic has been good for exactly one thing - showing the holes in our food systems. Food pantries, nonprofits, and schools have been left scrambling to figure out how they will feed their communities. In all of this, several counties have worked to develop feeding plans that fit their communities. Join this panel discussion as members of the extended community discuss the decisions and outreach methods used during a crisis- successes, and failures- regarding feeding their kids.

Led by Jenny Anderson and Cyndi Kirkhart.

Leading with the Truth

Join us for a panel discussion with the people this work is about. Meet mothers from across our state who know what food insecurity and food access mean because they've struggled with it. Real talk. Real honest. Real leaders.

Led by Amy Jo Hutchinson.

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